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Supporting You After Your Divorce

The end of your marriage does not necessarily mean that your family law issues have ended. If your spouse does not meet his or her obligations or your circumstances change significantly, further legal intervention and modification may be necessary.

At Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm PC, we are here to support you during and after your divorce. With more than 20 years of legal experience, our firm's attorney Amy Thomas Perez can assist you with any post-divorce issues that may arise involving enforcement, modifications and resolution of retirement benefit transfers. From our office in Spring, Texas, Mrs. Perez and paralegal Delisa Piercy provide the personal

More Than 20 Years of Family Law Experience

A divorce decree is a court order. Failure to follow the decree could result in contempt charges. Additionally, any changes to your divorce decree must be approved by the family court. Our firm can assist you with a wide range of post-divorce issues, including:

  • Modifications
  • If you or your spouse's circumstances have changed significantly since your divorce decree was issued, you may be able to obtain a modification of child support, child custody, visitation or spousal support. We represent clients who are seeking a modification as well as those who are resisting the change.

  • Enforcement
  • When an ex-spouse fails to follow the divorce decree, it can create frustration and financial difficulty. We handle the enforcement of child support, child custody, visitation and property division. Whether we are able to negotiate a favorable outcome or it is necessary to file contempt charges, you can count on Mrs. Perez for tenacious representation in and out of the courtroom. Contact us to discuss our special fee arrangements related to enforcements.

  • Retirement Benefit Transfers
  • With our experience in Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, we will ensure that all of your assets were transferred according to your divorce decree or property settlement. We will help you transfer pension and retirement benefits in the event a QDRO was not handled correctly or prepared.

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